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  • Alex Hendler

    President and Creative Director, Big Tent Digital

    Alex worked with Johanna in different groups

    Fast turnaround. Excellent work. We will definitely work with Schels Consulting again.

  • Tom Collen

    Consultant at Global Automation Research

    Tom was a client of Johanna’s

    I brought Johanna on as an independent translation service provider. I knew she was knowledgeable, thorough and did fast work. She demonstrated these qualities to me again. I would definitely use her services again when needed and I highly recommend her.

  • Gottfried Caspari

    Product Development Process Leader at Ingersoll Rand

    Gottfried worked with Johanna in different groups.

    I am fluent in German with translating experience in high-tech documents, and have known and worked with Johanna for over 12 years. Johanna has a passion for translating and is one of the best German translators that I know. Over the years she has consistently demonstrated her ability to translate a variety of documents from legal to complex engineering documents very quickly and accurately. As an example, a couple of months ago, I co-managed a job where she accurately translated a 200 page high-tech RFID user manual in a week! In addition, I know that colleagues in Mexico have also praised her Spanish translations. She would be an asset to any company, and prospective clients can be confident of getting high quality translations from this gifted person.

  • Wolfgang Boss

Manager Product Test and Improvement at TURCK, Inc. Wolfgang managed Johanna directly

Johanna worked for me for more than 12 years.
In her capacity as Administrative Services Specialist, she administered the project management system for all our development projects that included weekly reporting, presiding over periodic review meetings and managing project database.  She was involved in technical discussions with our engineering and product management personnel that often resulted in the generation of technical reports. 

Most importantly, Johanna was a Translation Specialist with an excellent gift to translate, especially technical literature, between English and German, and starting in May 2008, from and to Spanish. Johanna has been translating hundreds of documents including product catalogs and help files for computer software. I highly recommend Johanna as an intelligent, gifted and consciences asset to any organization!

  • Dean McCaskill

    CXO Leader

    Dean was senior to Johanna but didn’t manage directly

    Johanna worked for me at TURCK Inc, serving in a technical support role which included performing detailed and highly technical translations and technical administrative duties. Johanna speaks English, German and Spanish and utilizes each of these on a daily basis. Johanna has a passion for languages and is an extremely diligent person in performing her duties and getting it right. She is a very hardworking individual and regularly demonstrates strong abilities and determination in everything she does. I can highly recommend Johanna for anyone seeking an intelligent, detail oriented person to assist them in their business.

  • Brad Beagle

    I.T. Director, TURCK Inc.

    Brad worked with Johanna in different groups

    It is my pleasure to recommend Johanna Schels. Her language skills are excellent, she has a great work ethic, and I enjoy working with her. I can't count the number of times Johanna has helped me understand nuances of the German language or helped me prepare documents with the proper tone and content. I'm grateful to have someone with her knowledge and experience in my corner

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