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Experienced Editor

Would you like to see a sample of my editing work?

Click Driving Performance The AMG Magazine 2014/15

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Other editing work:

  • Academic research papers

  • Human-translations and machine-translations

  • Magazine articles

  • Manuscripts

  • Marketing presentations

  • Online content


All translations and technical writing assignments are edited.


I focus on grammar, spelling, syntax, semantics, tone and style. A translation should “sound natural” when you read it. A technical document should be “clear, precise and succinct” to serve its purpose: to inform, to explain and to instruct.

If you must be sure about the accuracy and quality of a document that is already translated, contact me. I quality-test the translations of other translators and edit the content with the target audience in mind.

I also quality-test and edit machine-translated content. Machine-translation can be suitable for technical content that is highly repetitive such as product specifications in catalogs and brief product descriptions. However, every machine-translation should be edited to ensure its quality. The quality of your documentation will help sell your products and services: it supports the credibility of your business.

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