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International Technical Writing

Technical Writing


I write content in English, German and Spanish when your budget does not cover translation.

Also, click on my Research Article for details on how to plan the production of documents for an international audience and why you should plan ahead.

Writing for Reuse


I write content for reuse by “chunking” text and eliminating wordiness, ambiguity and redundancy. The methods I use are: modularization, standardization, word reduction and simplification.

I am skilled in using rhetorical and linguistic principles to clearly and succinctly convey complex information to technical and non-technical audiences, and to native and non-native speakers of English.

Writing for Translation

I write content for translation to save you time and money. I am an expert in plain English writing rules and Simplified English, also known as Global English.

Global English is especially suitable for engineering documentation and writing Instructions for Use (IFU) for medical devices. Short, clear and precise phrases and sentences ensure that the original document and the translation have fewer errors. As a reusult, engineers and physicians can use devices accurately and quickly when time is of the essence.

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